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13-04-2021 GS SHIFT – 1 SSC CHSL 2020, Exam Analysis

13-04-2021 GS (SHIFT – 1) SSC CHSL 2020, Exam Analysis

Q1. Who is appointed as Chief Election Commissioner of India in 2021? 
Shri Sushil Chandra 

Q2. ICC Spirit of Cricket of the decade was given to which person? 
MS Dhoni 

Q3. Which pigment is present in Urine? 

Q4. Lionel Messi belongs to which country? 

Q5. Ordinance making power of President given in which article? 
Article 123 

Q6. Babar Nama was written in which language? 
Turkish language 

Q7. Kambala sport is of which State? 

Q8. What is the name of the Capital of Canada? 

Q9. In which amendment Act, voting age decrease from 21 to 18? 
61st amendment Act, 1988 

Q10. Who was the leader of Lucknow, during the revolt of 1857? 
Begum Hazrat Mahal 

Q11. Which vitamin deficiency causes Sterility? 
Vitamin E 

Q12. Naib-i-Khudai is related to which ruler? 
Sultan Ghiyasuddin Balban 

Q13. Who wrote the book "Untold story"? 
Monica Ali 

Q14. What is the scientific name of Vitamin K? 

Q15. The second roundtable conference happened in which year and who participate? 
In 1931 with the participation of Gandhi.

Q16. 10 degree channel separate what? 
Andaman Islands and Nicobar Islands from each other in the Bay of Bengal 

Q17. Where did Gautam Budha Die? 

Q18. Which player got the Mullagh Medal? 
Ajinkya Rahane 

Q19. Altitude is measured by with which device? 

Q20. Who gave the first vote in 2019 Lok Sabha Election? 
Shyam Saran Negi 

Q21. Baglihar Hydro-electric Project is on which river? 
Chenab River 

Q22. Who was youngest Mayor of India? 
Arya Rajendran 

Q23. "Study of Maps" is called what? 

Q24. August Movement Operation is also known as? 
The Quit India Movement

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