Saturday, April 17, 2021

Brahmaputra river


🟣 Brahmaputra river

In Headlines : China to build a major dam on the Brahmaputra. 

It originates from Mansarovar Lake in Tibet, which is also a source of the Indus and Sutlej.

In the Tibet region, it is known by the name of Yarlung Tsangpo. It enters by the names of Siang and Dihang in India. 

And after it is joined by its two main tributaries, Dibang coming from the north and the Lohit coming from the east and enters the Assam valley where it is called the Brahmaputra.

The Brahmaputra drains into the Bay of Bengal before forming a huge delta along with the Ganga.

Most of its course lies outside India.

Major Tributaries: 
Left bank:  Dibang /Sikang, Lohit, Burhi Dihing, Dhansiri, Suma, Kapilli.

Right bank: Subansiri, Manas, Teesta, Sankosh, Kameng, Raidak, Jaldhaka.

Major Projects associated - Tawang Hydel Power Project, Subansiri Lower Hydel Power Project, Teesta Hydel Power Project.

Important Dams built on the Brahmaputra Basin: Subansiri, karbi Langpi dam, Teesta dam

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