Monday, April 19, 2021

Geography Important Questions for all exam

🔹 Geography Important Questions 🔹 

🔹 The angular distance of a point on the Earth's surface, measured in degrees from the centre of the Earth is called?
➨ Lattitude

🔹 The angular distance measured in degrees along the equator, east or west of the Prime Meridian is called?
➨ Longitude

🔹 The line that passes through 180 degree East or West Meridian of longitude which falls on the opposite side of the Greenwich Meridian is called?
➨ International Date Line

🔹 0 degree longitude that passes through Greenwich near London is called?
➨ Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

🔹 The 82 and 1/2 degree longitude that passes through Allahabad and is 5 and 1/2 hour ahead of the GMT is called?
➨ Indian Standard Time (IST)

🔹 The two days during the year when the day and night are almost equal throughout the world because the sun shines vertically over the equator is called?
➨ Equinox

🔹 The imaginary line that passes through the Earth midway between the North pole and the South pole is called?
➨ Equator

🔹 The imaginary line drawn out on the global map from pole to pole and perpendicular to the Equator is called?
➨ Meridian

🔹 In which part of the Earth's atmosphere is Ozone layer present?
➨ Stratosphere

🔹 Which part of the Earth's atmosphere is suitable for radio communication?
➨ Ionosphere

🔹 Which is the outermost layer of the Earth's atmosphere?
➨ Exosphere

🔹 Study of rock is called?
➨ Petrology

🔹 Granite and Basalt are which type of rocks?
➨ Igneous rocks

🔹 Deposition of organic and non-organic matter over a period of time produces which type of rocks?
➨ Sedimentary rocks

🔹 Igneous and Sedimentary rocks undergo changes due to pressure and change in temperature under the Earth's surface, this change led to the formation of which type of rock?
➨ Metamorphic rock

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