Thursday, April 29, 2021

वेद कुल कितने वेद है उनके नाम How many Vedas are their names


◇ Vedas have the status of shruti - means that which has been heard. 

◇ Word Veda comes from root word vid - meaning to know.

◇ Four vedas :-

• Rig veda - is a collection of 1028 hymns arranged in 10 books.

• Sama veda - consists of 1810 verses, mostly borrowed from Rig veda and arranged according to the need of Musical notations.

• Yajur veda - deals with the details of performance of rituals.

• Atharva veda - it contains hymns but also spells and charms which reflects aspects of popular beliefs and practices.


   A History of Ancient and Medieval India by Dr. Upinder singh Ma'am.📕

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