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Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Yojana 2021 Also known as CM Seva Sankalp Scheme


Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Yojana (Also known as CM Seva Sankalp Scheme) is a noble initiative taken by Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Jai Ram Thakur. The intent behind bringing this Yojana into the picture was to redress the issues and problems faced by folks residing in HP. The state government has granted a toll-free number 1100, and all the citizens of the state can call this helpline number in order to resolve their problems and complaints.

Under Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Yojana, Himachal Pradesh Government has initiated a portal on which citizens can lodge complaints regarding diverse issues online. Through this helpline number, i.e., 1100, all the residents of Himachal Pradesh can make their complaint reach the office of Chief Minister of HP. Once your complaint would get registered, the concerned officer will resolve your problems and help you out in every possible way. The concerned officer would take the prompt action.

                                             An Overview of the Points Covered

1.      Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Yojana: A Grievance Redressal Initiative

2.      Objectives of Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Yojana

3.      Dial 1100 HP Seva Sankalp

4.      How to Lodge Complaints under Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Yojana?

5.      How to Check Grievance Registration Status?

6.      Key Benefits and Notable Features of Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Yojana

7.      Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Mobile App Download

8.      Cases and Matters that are not Considered as Complaint as per the Official Website

9.      Role of Aatmnirbhar Sena

10.   Summing Up

Objectives of Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Yojana

The core objectives of Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Yojana are mentioned below-

  • To sort out the problems and issues of citizens who belong to Himachal Pradesh
  • To register the complaints of folks residing in the state and resolving their matters at the earliest
  • To bridge the communication gap between the folks and the state government
  • To provide details about government schemes to the people

Dial 1100 HP Seva Sankalp

  • In the Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp helpline, folks will be able to lodge their complaints from 7 am till 10 pm.
  • Seva Sankalp portal has also been established to help people register their complaints online.
  • Also, they will be able to view the status.
  • Through this grievance redressal scheme, all the officers would have to perform their tasks of redressing the grievances of the citizens of Himachal Pradesh within the time frame of seven to fourteen days.
  • All efforts are likely to be valid in this regard.
  • The concerned officers will be endeavouring to help you out with every possible solution.
  • Around 6500 officers from 56 departments have been given the responsibilities for the successful implementation of Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Helpline.
  • The helpline number circulated by the Himachal Pradesh Government is completely toll-free.
  • By using this number, you will be able to register complaints via online medium anywhere in the State of Himachal Pradesh.
  • The main goal of the HP State Government is to make sure that the issues, problems as well as grievances of the general public residing within the boundaries of Himachal Pradesh are resolved at the earliest and at the right time.

How to Lodge Complaints under Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Yojana?

You can either call on Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Helpline Number or visit the official website in order to register the compliant.

Through Calls

  • Dial the first toll-free number of Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Yojana Helpline- 1100.
  • A call centre agent will be the responsible person for answering your call. In order to file your complaint, you would have to communicate with the agent.
  • After registering your complaint, you will be provided with a reference number.
  • After 15 days of complaint registration, your complaint would eventually get resolved.

Through Website

1- Firstly, you would have to visit Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Yojana official website-

2- After that, the home page of the website will emerge out.

3- On the homepage of the website, you would have to click on the given option to “File a Complaint or Suggestion.”-

4- After this, a new page would appear on the screen.

5- Now, on the new page, you will be inquired for consent on a few topics / points for filing a complaint according to the provisions of the website.

6- After that, the Complaint Registration Form would come out in front of you.

7- Here, you need to enter the mobile number, email along with the complaint / suggestion and click on “Register Public Grievance”.

After following the steps depicted above, you will be able to wind up the complaint/suggestion registration on Himachal Pradesh Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Helpline Portal.

How to Check Grievance Registration Status?

In order to check the Grievance Registration Status of the lodged complaints made on the helpline of Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Yojana, you would have to follow the steps given below-

  • Initiate the stepwise journey by visiting the official website of Chief Minister Seva Sankalp Yojana.
  • Then, you will get to see the homepage of the website on the screen in front of you.
  • On the homepage of Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Yojana, you would have to hit the option of “Status of Complaint / Suggestion”.
  • Then, you will observe that a new page will open in front of you.
  • Here, you will witness that two options are given to check the status of the complaint- Complaint by serial number or complaint by mobile number.
  • Pick any one of the two prospects and provide the details in the box and opt for the Get OTP button.
  • By putting the OTP that you’ve received in your phone in the OTP box, you will be able to know the current status of your complaint.

Key Benefits and Notable Features of Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Yojana

The key benefits and features of Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Yojana are-

  • This helpline or support system by Himachal Pradesh Government will work in all small and big areas. After the successful implementation of the scheme, citizens of Himachal Pradesh won’t have to visit the headquarters or centers to get the solutions to their problems and get their complex issues resolved.
  • All the complaint makers would be asked to provide a consistent update on their complaints. On the basis of their suggestions and after going through the opinions of the officials, changes would take place in Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Yojana.
  • After a fixed time limit, the Chief Minister himself will take a step further and call the complainants. Besides this, the Chief Minister will take cognizance of their problems.
  • Helpline officials will be given a time limit of 7 to 14 days to resolve complaints at the different levels such as block, Tehsil, district and state levels.
  • If any resolution associated with any complaint is found to be missing the major elements, and if the complainant comes to know that the complaint made against an official is correct, action will be taken against him.
  • All the officers have received the order to work for this helpline in readiness.
  • Himachal Pradesh Government is striving to redress more than 40 thousand complaints in the state.

Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Mobile App Download

  • Keeping mobile governance in mind and marching ahead with the vision of digital transformation in India, Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Mobile App has been created.
  • With the help of this mobile app, citizens of Himachal Pradesh can lodge and track their complaints whenever they want.
  • Departmental Officers can have a look at the complaints that they’ve received and can proceed ahead for taking action for their redressal.

Cases and Matters that are Not Considered as Complaint as per the Official Website

  • Case that is under consideration in Honorable Court
  • Matters concerning Right to Information
  • Cases and matters concerning departmental inquiries, matters of officers regarding transfers, matters regarding service of government employees
  • Complaint against other foreign / central / state government

Role of Aatmnirbhar Sena

At Aatmnirbhar Sena, we are consistently supporting the government initiatives by creating awareness about the schemes flagged off by State Government as well as Central Government. We believe that with the joint efforts of one and all, we will be able to make India attain the status of a self-reliant nation. After going through this Yojana, we have realized the need to make the people of Himachal Pradesh familiar with the concept behind the introduction of this scheme.

Summing Up

Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Yojana is one of the commendable steps taken by the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh Jai Ram Thakur. Such a platform was always needed where a complaint can be lodged anytime by the locals of the HP state. Citizens residing in Himachal Pradesh have received a toll-free number on which they can call whenever they want. The exchange of information is possible via sms/e-mail under this scheme, and timely solutions will be provided to the citizens. Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Yojana is a medium that builds the layer of transparency between the State Government and the residents of the State. At Aatmnirbhar Sena, we have fixed our mind to support the Himachal Pradesh Government’s vision, and we would like to help maximum people in taking advantage of this scheme

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