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Phrasal Verbs with BE: Be with, Be around, Be above, Be down

✅Phrasal Verbs with BE: Be with, Be around, Be above, Be down…

 ✅Phrasal Verbs with BE! Learn be with meaning, be around meaning, be above meaning, be down meaning… with example sentences and ESL pictures. List of frequently used phrasal verbs with BE in English with meaning and examples. 
Phrasal Verbs with BE
List of 27 common phrasal verbs with BE in English.

👉 Be above Meaning & Examples
Be above
Meaning: Be too good, classy or mature to do something; to disdain
Example: I thought you said you were above these kinds of antics.
Be above
Meaning: Outrank
Example: General Smith is above Private Johnson.

👉 Be along, Be around Meaning & Examples
Be along
Meaning: Arrive
Example: I expect John will be along soon.
Be around
Meaning: Be alive, existent, or present
Example: I’ll be around for another hour or so.
Be around
Meaning: Be near; to socialize with
Example: You’re fun to be around.

👉 Be cut out for, Be down, Be down to, Be down on, Be down with Meaning & Examples
Be cut out for
Meaning: Be suitable, have the necessary qualities
Example: He‘s not cut out for teaching.
Be down
Meaning: Be depressed
Example: I got some bad news this morning, so I‘m a bit down at the moment.
Be down to
Meaning: Be reduced or less
Example: Because of the big sale, the price of these shirts is now down to four dollars.
Be down on
Meaning: Have negative feelings toward someone
Example: I don’t know why you‘re so down on Tom.
Be down with
Meaning: Be ill
Example: I think you are down with the flu.

👉 Be fed up, Be in for, Be in on Meaning & Examples
Be fed up
Meaning: Be bored, upset or sick of something
Example: I‘m fed up with my job.
Be in for
Meaning: Be able to expect or anticipate, generally said of something unpleasant
Example: The weather forecast says we are in for three feet of snow over the next week.
Be in for
Meaning: Be incarcerated for
Example: My cousin is in for armed robbery.
Be in on
Meaning: Be a party to a secret shared by a small group of people
Example: He smiled a little to himself, as he was in on the plan.

👉 Be on about, Be on to, Be out for, Be there for Meaning & Examples
Be on about
Meaning: Talk about; mean, intend
Example: I had no idea what on earth you were on about when you started using those scientific terms. I was totally confused.
Be on to
Meaning: Figure out; to realize the truth
Example: I was planning it as a surprise, but I think he is on to me.
Be out for
Meaning: Seek or pursue, especially to determinedly pursue something to one’s own benefit
Example: He‘s out for all he can get.
Be there for
Meaning: Be available to provide comfort and support for someone, especially in a period of difficulty
Example: She knows that I’ll always be there for her.

👉 Be snowed under, Be taken aback, Be taken with Meaning & Examples
Be snowed under
Meaning: Have too much work
Example: I’d love to go out to dinner tonight, but I‘m totally snowed under at the office right now.
Be taken aback
Meaning: Be shocked or surprised
Example: I was taken aback when we weren’t receiving our bonuses this year.
Be taken with
Meaning: Like something or someone very much
Example: I could tell he was quite taken with my daughter.

👉 Be up for, Be up to Meaning & Examples
Be up for
Meaning: To want to do something
Example: We’re going clubbing tonight if you‘re up for it.
Be up to
Meaning: Do or be involved in doing
Example: I saw you hiding in the bushes yesterday. What were you up to?

👉 Be with Meaning & Examples
Be with
Meaning: Have sex with
Example: We dated for almost a year, but I’ve never been with him.
Be with
Meaning: Date or be boyfriend/girlfriend with
Example: I’ve been with her for almost a year now.
Be with
Meaning: Agree with someone
Example: I’m sorry; I’m not with you on this point.
Be with
Meaning: Understand someone’s point or intention
Example: I came in here disagreeing, but I’ve changed my mind, and now I’m with you on this.

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