Thursday, April 15, 2021

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 12th April 2021: Check Shift-1

🔰SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 12th April 2021: Check Shift-1🔰

Q.1) World Tuberculosis Day- 24th March

Q.2) President pardon power :- art. 72

Q.3) Where is Greenland situated?

Q.4)Which district has the highest Literacy Rate?- Serchipp, Mizoram

Q.5) Deputy Election Commission of India- Umesh Sinha

Q.6) Who wrote Pathway to God?- Mahatma Gandhi
👉Phoenix Ashram founded by : Mahatma Gandhi

Q.7) In which soil Cashew Nuts grow? – Sandy Loamy Soil

Q.8) Which Indian Batsman has played the highest number of test matches?- Sachin Tendulkar

Q.9) The largest Floating Solar Park is located in Madhya Pradesh
👉 Keibul Lamjao

Q.10) Chief Justice of Telangana: Justice Hima Kohli

Q.11) Where is Gandhi Sagar Dam situated? – Chambal River, MP

Q.12)Chemical Name of Vitamin- C: Ascorbic Acid

Q.13)The rank of India in the Global Hunger Index 2020- 94th rank

Q.14) Napoleon of India- Samudhra Gupt

Q.15) Champaran Satyagrah- 1917

Q.16) Which state is situated in Yamuna Nagar- Haryana

Q.17) Scientific Name of Potato: Solanum Tuberson

Q.18) Jahangir Stambh : Lahore

Q.19)Grand old man of India:- 
Dadabhai Naroji

Q.20) Founder of Pal Dynasty- Gopala

Q.21) Prime Minister of Finland- Sana Marin
👉 President of Finland : Sauli Niinisto

Q.22) What is Blue vitriol?- Copper Sulphate, CuSo4

Q.23) Current Agriculture Ministry- Narender Singh Tomar

Q.24)Bank of Baroda merge:- Vijya & Dena Bank

Q.25) Cell Theory- Theodor Schwann and Matthias Jakob Schleiden

◆Antonyms: Resolve, Precious

◆Synonyms: Prevalent, Extent, Stretch, Prudent

◆Idioms: Far Cry, Living in Fool’s Paradise

◆One Word- Adulteration

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