Thursday, May 27, 2021





 print "owns you!";


 print "don't front!";


Description: Instead of calling files like ( index.php?str=blah ) , you could do ( index.php?SoD ) and it would print out "owns you!". You can add more strings in there, this is just an example.

   $vars = explode(",", urldecode(getenv('QUERY_STRING')));

   $v1 = array_shift($vars);

   $v2 = array_shift($vars);

   $v3 = array_shift($vars);

   switch ($v1) {

       case 'first.1': {

           print("This is v1, first string case 'file.php?first.1'.");



      case 'first.2': {

      switch ($v2) {

           case 'second': {

               switch($v3) {

                   case 'third': {

                     print("This is v3, the last case 'file.php?first.2,second,third'.");








Description: This basically does what the 1st one does but with more strings and a different seperator rather than '&'. I don't really want to go into too much detail on the thread so if people are confused or need explaining, reply or PM me.

That's it for the navigation as I am not going to do the other due to they're everywhere else and I wanted to be different and show everyone this method.

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